Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It has been written...

The kids and I were getting ready for our home study visit on Friday.  We went to the bedroom that will be Penny's to clear out the clutter, organize toys and clothes and books and start to get things in some order.  Trent and Kate began organizing things into three piles - keep, give-away and trash.  Trent took the trash out for me.  Kate bagged up the give-away pile and helped me load it in the back of the car for Goodwill and then they both started using the Thomas train track to design a railroad together while I neatly folded and washed all of the "keep" clothing and toys.  Once that was done, I began to put them in bags to store in the closet until we get closer to a referral.  But then I paused.

I wasn't sure I wanted to just write "keep" or "toys/clothes" on the bags, so I wrote "For Penny" on them.  It was the first time I wrote her name.  I started crying quiet tears that ran down the bag for my dear little one.  I want to give her that cuddly, squishy teddy bear tonight.  I want to wrap her in that pink and white gingham blanket this morning.  But God says, "Not yet.  All in my perfect timing.  Have patience and trust Me."  I know this adoption is going to be a huge lesson in trust and patience - it doesn't matter if I was ready for it or not... God's plan for Penny includes her parents in Ethiopia and us.  I will not rush or question God's perfect timing. 


  1. I LOVE her name and can't wait to see her come home:) much prayer my friend!!

  2. Oh, Heidi. I am crying for you and her too. What a treasure this blog will be for her someday, as well as for you as you look back at this time.
    We are praying for Penny along with you.

  3. Heidi n Dustin,
    I know a Grandfather who is patiently waiting for his fifth Grandchild to Love. You guys are so blessed.
    Pap Pap