Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making Lemonade

I love the old saying "make lemonade out of lemons" and that is where I am at in terms of this waiting process.  Every day I am excited that we are one day closer to bringing our baby girl home.  From what I am reading and gathering from different people, this waiting process may take over a year before we receive a referral but I am encouraged every day.  So, today marks another day closer.

And as we wait, life goes on at a summer pace.  Trent and Kate swim in the pool.  There is always another load of laundry waiting.  Summer slows us down so that we can enjoy time with friends and linger a little longer than normal to watch the sunset.  Burrito night is a staple at least once a week.  VBS reminds us that Jesus gave His everything so that we could give Him our everything.  I read more books than I probably should.  . . But this summer is different because we know that as we "do life", our sweet baby girl could be crying her first cry or smiling her first smile and her life is beginning too.  Not an hour goes by that I don't whisper her name to the heavens and anticipate her place in our family.  I find myself browsing the baby aisle at Target and Marshalls just to remember her.  Dustin and I dream about what she will be like - lay awake in bed talking about the dreams we have for her and how blessed we will be by her life.  Today is another day closer...

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