Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A perfect gift

We spent the weekend at the beach this weekend at Oak Island with such great people.  It was my birthday, and it goes down as one of the best.  The weather was perfect, and the company was even better. The kids all splashed in the waves, the girls went out to coffee and window shopping, everybody soaked in the sun (some might say I got a little too much, but I would argue that I was just getting my "base coat"), ate some delicious seafood and just enjoyed being together.  I am so thankful for good friends.  I also received one my favorite gifts of all time.  Kristi and Tanya got me a beautiful silver pendant necklace that is in the shape of Africa with a heart shaped nitch cut out of the spot where Ethiopia sits.  It is beautiful!  I adore it AND the friends who gave it to me!  Kristi is one of those people that just has a gift for giving gifts...  she was so thoughtful to have found such a sweet reminder of where she knows my heart is at these days.  Thanks for a memorable birthday girls - I am so glad to have you both as dear friends.  Your husbands are an answer to my prayers for Dustin and I am just so grateful.

  Sunset at Oak Island

Kate and I snuggling at the shore

Taylor, Grayson and Trent looking for sand crabs

Anni, Averi, Kate and Abbi at Southport for dinner

Kristi and I sharing a birthday cake - Happy birthday Kristi!

** OK, so I finally figured out how to post pictures on this blog - and I'm embarassed at how simple it was.  Now the fun begins!

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  1. Look out for another fun gift headed your way from our family. I had it sent to your house.

    You will have to let us know the best beach spots, we are hoping to go this summer. :)