Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

Aaah, I love the routine that comes with getting back to school.  Although I had worked very hard to have our curriculum, books, materials, and supplies all ready to go earlier in the week, EVERY year I end up having a minor anxiety attack the evening before we start a new school year.  Did I forget something?  Am I making their school experience "special" enough for them to look back fondly on their education ( and their teacher ;)  I stayed up until past midnight last night shuffling, rearranging, printing, adjusting the elements that would make the first day of school special for Trent and Kate.  

Even though we homeschool and the kids walk about twenty feet from their bedroom door to our schoolroom, the "first day of school outfit" is a serious decision in our house (atleast for the girls).  So Kate had her outfit all laid out last night and as I tucked her in she whispered ,"Mommy, I just can't even WAIT to be a kindergartner!"  

And because first day of school comes with pictures, Trent squirmed as I insisted he wear a collared shirt and use a brush.  Such a guy!  

This morning it was decided that there will be a new tradition of going to Chik-fil-A across the street from our house for breakfast before we hit the books...

With a short stop by the pond for a photo-op:
 I am quite obviously not a photographer with that ugly curb in the foreground ;)

Trent and Kate worked so hard today.  Today I was reminded, yet again, how much I adore spending time with them.  Homeschooling them had turned out to be such a treat for me - I am so glad we are on this road!

Trent saved math for last today - 
he's like me: good news first, bad news last
 (although, he is very good at math he just doesn't enjoy it.)

Kate is filing her work for the day.  She picked up on the system with ease - it's going to be a great year!  

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