Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We have a Court Date!!

It has now been 7 weeks since we first saw Penelope's picture for the first time.  Our agency told us to expect 4-5 weeks from the date our paperwork was submitted to Ethiopian court before we would hear of a court date... We received a call from our caseworker yesterday morning - a day shy of 6 weeks from when our paperwork was submitted to court.

WE WILL SEE PENNY ON Monday, JUNE 27TH!!  Our court date is June 29th. That is just 4 weeks away!  Woohooo!!!

The logistics of figuring out the details of the rest of regular life in the midst of planning our trip is not turning out to be much of an issue.  I'm enjoying the process of figuring out travel arrangements because it feels like I am actually doing something that gets us closer to seeing our sweet baby girl.

Yesterday I contacted 3 different travel agencies that deal specifically with NGO, Missionary and Adoption travel - MKI, Susan Parr Travel and Golden Rule Travel.  All three were very responsive and had quotes back to me within a few hours.  Golden Rule ended up giving us the best rate and so we went with them.  We booked our flights today.  Check that off the list...

I registered with the US State Dept. for international travel with our itinerary today, per our agency's request.  Check that off too...

We are hoping to stay at the Ethiopian Guest Home but we are only going to be in Ethioipia for 3 nights and on their website it says they require a minimum stay of 5 nights - I have emailed them and asked if this is a possibility and am waiting to hear back.

I contacted a NGO called Brighton Their World about the possibility of us taking formula to Ethiopia for them - Dustin and I plan to pack backpacks to carry our personal things in as carry-ons and are hoping to carry as much formula (and some donations that our agency has for us to take as well) as we can fit per weight limits.

Still need to look into vaccinations - a friend who has also adopted through CWA and lives in our area graciously asked her husband, who is a general practitioner, what vaccines we need to get and I need to figure out when and how we need to get that all done in the next 4 weeks - I'm going back and forth on the yellow fever vaccine.  The CDC recommends it but our doctor friend doesn't think it is necessary... anybody have an opinion on that one?  We'll also get Hep A & B, meningitis and malaria medication.

So far so good!  Penny, here we come!!


  1. Girl...I am beyond excited for you and your sweet family!!!! I'll be praying for you and that these next few weeks will just fly by! Can't wait to hear all about your trip and all about little Penny!!!!!!

  2. Hi!, My family and I are also adopting from Ethiopia through CWA. We live in Hendersonville, NC and my parents live in Charlotte. We went to court the end of March and are waiting for our Embassy date! As far as vaccinations go, we got the Hep A & B and the Meningitis, and I had to have Tetanus. We opted not to get the Yellow fever and take the Malaria. Too many side affects for us. Our physician told us that unless you were going to be staying many days outside of Addis you don't need them. We took good herbs and supplements before we left and we were fine. Neither of us got sick while we were there or after we got home.
    It's nice to touch base with those adopting though the same agency and are in the same state!
    If you want to stay in touch, my email is davis2521@bellsouth.net and I am on facebook (Amy Hadley Davis).
    I started a blog because my daughter wanted me too, but I haven't posted anything for almost a year. I'm not good at it. But I can email!
    Take Care, God Bless,
    Amy Davis