Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"All We Need Now is our Baby Girl" - Penny's room is done!

I am grateful that I waited until we returned from our court trip to start decorating Penny's room because it gave me something to keep me busy during this wait to go back to bring her home.  The room started out as our son, Trent's, old nursery...  I took pictures of the before but can't seem to find them now!

It took 4 coats of paint but we finally covered up the old blue sky and clouds along with rolling hills and replaced it with a room suited for a princess...

The best part of Penny's room, by far, is the amount of love represented in different pieces that come together to make her special place.

My fantabulous neighbor and dear friend, Raina, painted a picture of Ethiopia (the pink area in the middle) with representations of different aspects of our daughter's beautiful country.  I opened it at a surprise adoption shower this past weekend (I'll write more about that shower once I have a few pictures from the night to post) and I was floored when I saw it.  The amount of time it must have taken her -and all the thought and love that went into making it.  loove it!
On the far edge of the crib is a blanket knitted by a coworker of Dustin's.  The colors match perfectly with the room!  And I am so blessed to know that with each stitch, love was sewn into the fabric of our little girl's life.  The blanket will be Penny's coverlet at night.
I made cushion covers, a crib skirt and valance out of this fun green/ pink polka dottie fabric.  The blanket hanging over the chair was made by a dear friend of ours, Charlotte, who has also helped me sew curtains throughout our house.  She hadn't seen the room but I told her lime green and bright pink were the nursery colors and she came up with this masterpiece as a surprise at another shower that my dear friend Debbie threw to bless Penny.  This quilt is sooo perfect with the rest of the room - Charlotte is amazing!

This is another of Charlotte's creations - how fun is this?!  Such a fun snuggle toy!

I had some old lamps up in a closet with some really ugly lamp shades on them that I recovered with 6 dozen roses.  The pink framed picture that is next to the lamp is a precious gift from my friend Kristi, who saw the sleeping beauty at the top of the mattresses with her chocolate skin and thought of our pretty Penelope.  The tree picture in the foreground is the surprise shower invitation made by our youth pastor's wife, Kelli - she is so talented (and an awesome photographer!)  See what I mean?  This room is so chocked full of love and blessing, just walking in that room pours joy over my heart! Here are a few more images of the room.

Overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of so many women that God has allowed me the privilege of knowing and being known by...  just seriously grateful today!


  1. The nursery is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You did a fabulous job and I'm sure Penny will LOVE it!!!

  2. Gorgeous!! Absolutely Beautiful!

  3. This room is amazing! I hope you are able to get your little princess soon!