Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update: What's The Dealio?

I've had lots of friends and family ask this week for an update on when we will be able to go back to Addis to bring Penelope home. Here's the dealio...

The last step in the process is submitting Penny's birth certificate, passport and medical checkup record to the US Embassy so they can process her VISA to enter the U.S..  Our agency is allowed to submit paperwork on Tuesdays.  Right now,  they have her birth certificate but are waiting to get her passport in hand (they expect it by tomorrow-Friday) and a physical copy of her medical record (she went for a physical last Thursday).

We are praying (and you can too please!) for the medical record and passport to be in our agency's hands by Monday so that they can submit her for Embassy approval Tuesday, August 9th.  Dustin's birthday is August 10th and when I asked him what he wants for his birthday he said, "Hon, seriously, all I want, the best gift in the world, would be to know that they submitted 'Penner's' (that's his nickname for her) paperwork to the Embassy so we can bring her home!"

Once they submit our papers to Embassy there is a 1-3 week wait while they process her VISA and then we get an email from them requesting us to pick a date that we could come to bring her home - they will give us a date range to go from.  Right now the Embassy is giving dates for mid-August.  We can travel as soon as they send us that email.

Sooo... for me, the likelihood of us traveling in August is pretty slim but very possible in early to mid-September.  The kids and I started their school year last week and we're planning to plug away for the coming weeks so that we can get a bit "ahead" and then take off 4 weeks or so when Penny first comes home.  That is the beauty of homeschooling (or one of them at least!)

What to pray for:
- Medical report and passport to be ready by Monday
-Embassy submission on Tuesday
- Super quick processing time for Embassy so we are clear to bring Penny home!

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