Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fun at the farm

One of the biggest changes since arriving home with Penny for our family has been in deciding for me to cut back my hours working at church.  Before we left, I had thought that after the initial four week transition, that I would return back to staff meetings at church and continue my regular schedule.  It was only days after arriving home that I realized how exhausted I was at the end of the day chasing after a toddler.  I had forgotten how much longer everything takes and found that Penelope needed me as her "constant" longer than I had anticipated.

What a huge blessing it has been to step back from some of the responsibilities I had at work.  The hard part is that I had to say no to things that brought me great joy and purpose.  The best part is that in the place of those things, we now have opportunities to have freedom in our school day for field trips and exploring that we did not have before.  Homeschooling is becoming fun again.  Our weekly schedule isn't so chock full of task lists because we have an added morning to our week for wiggle room now that I am not at staff meetings every Tuesday.  

Two weeks ago we joined some friends at a local corn maze and pumpkin patch for a field trip and had a blast!  Kate got some much needed time with sweet girlfriends:

Penny wandered to find the perfect pumpkin:

She wandered near....

and far...

We walked through an old railroad car:

And Trent paused long enough from his run through the corn maze to tease his sisters:

We found our way out of the maze...

and took a ride in a hay wagon pulled by a tractor...

So glad to be able to spend time with sweet friends at the farm!

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