Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prayer Requests During this adoption process

I don't want to forget all of the miracles got has sent us along the way - big and small ones.  I had posted the following prayer requests in the final months of Penny's adoption and don't want to forget how God has become more near each and every day so in case I would forget, I wanted to post those prayer requests before taking them off of my sidebar:

Prayer Answered: Spiritual Protection and healing over Penelope in the coming few days as she waited at the transition home and as we waited for her to come home.

Prayer Answered: Transition In Addis: We arrive In Addis on Sunday, September 4th at 7:45 am... Monday, September 5th at 9 am we went to Acacia Village to bring Penny back to our guest home. My prayer was that God would meet Penny as she grieves during another of many transitions in her life and that God would grant Dustin and I the sensitivity to see past her tears and anger to the fear and anxiousness that is deep in her soul - this is a constant prayer of mine as we begin to parent her with eternal perspective.

Prayer Answered:  Travel to and from Addis: flights would be on time, we would be able to receive bulkhead seats on the return flight so that we can have a bassinet available for the 17 hour flight for Penelope (this prayer was answered because the flight home with a 9, 6 and 1 year old for 25 hours was unbelievably smooth - and we didn't even have a bassinet!)

Prayer Answered:  Penny's health: While holding her, I could feel her lungs wheezing heavily when we went to meet her on our first trip and I was concerned about her developing pneumonia. She had sinus congestion while we were there and with so many children, the likelihood of her dealing with a constant upper respiratory infection was great.   We took a general antibiotic with us and administered it the week we were together in Addis.  By the time we came home, the wheezing was gone but there was still a large amount of congestion.  By the end of week three, after one more round of another antibiotic, her infection was completely cleared up - thank you Lord!

Prayer Answered: Thank you Lord for an expedited process from the day we went to court until the day we are to bring Penny home... We prayed, in faith, that the time frame for us to hear about when we could return would be 6-8 weeks from our court date (to hear something by August 24th). We heard confirmation on Dustin's birthday... August 10th of our embassy approval.

Prayer Answered: We were able to submit Embassy paperwork on the day we had prayed for... Tuesday, August 9th.

Prayer Answered: We prayed for airfare to be inexpensive when it was time for us to travel back... we were in shock that tickets were HAlf the price they were in June and we are able to swing taking Trent and Kate along with us! Thank you Jesus!

Prayer Answered: To bring Penelope home in September (the earlier the better of course!) She is ours on September 5th!

- Prayer Answered: Penelope's transition from Awassa (rural community south of Addis) to the "transition home" in Addis during mid June

- Prayer Answered: We received our "letter of recommendation" from the Women's Affairs Governmental Agency in Ethiopia the day after we returned home from Ethiopia. Penny officially became a DeMaio on July 1, 2011!!

- Prayer Answered: God gave me supernatural peace through His Spirit, as we met Penelope for the first time. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to hold it together when I saw her and that I might upset her with my blubbering ;) God calmed my heart as we met our baby girl.

- Prayer Answered: Strength to get through saying goodbye to her on June 29th until Dustin and I go back to bring her home.

- Prayer Answered: We got the birth certificate request letter. It took 3 weeks to receive the birth certificate after court.

- Prayer Answered: Our 9 year old son Trent was having a harder time than anyone with the wait now that we have come home and shared more about her. He cried on more than one occasion about how hard it is to wait to see his little sister - he has such a tender heart and I know this wait was hard on him but God has been faithful to share his peace with Trent!  As testimony to how sweet God is in caring for Trent, we were able to take him and his sister to go pick up their new little sister in Addis - something we had NOT planned on but ended up 2 weeks before leaving, being able to do as a family.  HUGE answer to prayer!!

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