Thursday, April 19, 2012

Penny Love is 2!!

On January 21st we marked a special day in the life of our baby girl - Penny turned 2!  (Yeah, I know.  I'm only three months late in blogging, but I'll catch up eventually!)

In the five months she had been home with us, she had blossomed into a little girl that has enough charisma to start a fire.  I couldn't believe it had only been five months and at the same time, I couldn't believe that much time had already passed.  As Dustin and I watch her personality unfold and learn what makes her smile, here a few of the things that I adore about this special little sunshine girl:

Penny wakes up as happy as a Meadow Lark EVERY morning.  Now, to me, this is just plain 'ol inspiring.  Trent and Kate both race me to her room every morning when we hear her start singing to herself on the baby monitor.  And when we walk in the room, she greets us with a "Hi Mamaye!  Hi Chent!  Hi Kate!" in the most enthusiastic voice - love, love, love.

She has the deepest belly laugh and even gets my jokes, which is just crazy!

When she comes up to me while I'm loading the dishwasher and pats my hand while she looks up at me and says, "I luh you mama."

Her ability to run almost as fast as her ten year old brother - sad for him, awesome for her!

The way she "reads" a book by babbling on and on any time I pick up a book to read aloud to one of the other kids.  She thinks if I am talking incessantly, she should be too...  biggest reason why we now do read alouds while she takes her nap ;)

Her determination to "do it I-self" - little Miss Independent wants to do it all.  Like today when she wanted to put on her clothes on her own.  I walked out of the room and twenty minutes later she came in to show me how well she did while I folded laundry...  Six shirts in various sizes and colors all draped over one another with one arm stuck half way over her head and the other one unable to move away from her body at all.  But she didn't care.  "Oook!  Mama, I did it mama!"  Yep, yep you did big girl!

When I brush her big sister's hair and she comes by to hold Kate's hand and says, "Sshhh.  No urting Kate.  Mama no urt you.   It nice!"

On Penny's birthday she got a tricycle from her grandparents that ended up being a bit too big for her so they made the most of it.  Kate rode her up and down the hallways and they had a blast!

This girl loves to talk on the phone and mostly look at herself on FaceTime:

Birthday girl gets a pony (llama?) riding lesson from Kate:

Time for some birthday cake!

I went back and forth on whether to have a big party for her 2nd birthday.  Since it was January, there just weren't many options and the weather was kind of crummy so we're opting to wait to have a big celebration for her "Gotcha Day" on September 5th.  In lieu of a big party, we invited our sweet friends, the Thomas family, to join us at an Ethiopian restaurant in Charlotte for dinner.  It was the perfect end to our celebrating Penny's 2nd birthday!  The girls dressed up for our night out.

 The baby magnet, JT, reading "Snuggle Puppy" to Penster - it's now her favorite book ;)

The whole gang (minus Dustin - he never gets in a photo, poor guy!)

Happy birthday Penny Love!!

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