Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blog Envy

Oh my goodness!  Seriously, I have just begun to scratch surface of all the terrific blogs out there written by so many women - I had no idea until last week that this whole world really even existed.  I know - welcome to the 21st centry.  But, really, now that I am reading all the stories of these amazing and wonderful families I am feeling two things - envy and admiration.

Envy because the blogs I am checking out are just so stinkin' cute!  The backgrounds, the picture editorials, the adorable families - it's just plain fun to look at.  And then there is the added bonus that what these women have to say is profound, meaningful, playful, entertaining - all at the same time!  So, yeah, I'm a bit envious.  (And I am feeling nonetheless, a tinge of anxiety that my blog is not "cute" by any stretch of the imagination - But I've also decided that I'll just enjoy the sweetness of these other blogs and make mine what I can for my children: a clear, honest picture of what my heart and soul were processing through this whole adoption process - now, I know I can do that!)

And then there is admiration - honestly, sometimes I read these blog entries and I think "Wow God.  These families are amazing!"  I feel a bit like Moses when I read these blogs.  Like, "Lord, Aaron is so much more eloquent and a great personality to have as a leader - why did you call me to this?"  But I am honored to get to ride this adoption journey alongside such phenomenal representations of Christ to the world.  So with or without blog envy, I'm just glad to be along for the ride.

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  1. I soooo know what you mean -- On so many levels in that post! They are all cute and everyone's a great writer but me! I just blog as my family scrapbook. Did you know that you can print the blog out into a book. awesome!

    Oh! and you will be totally sucked in by these blogs! My life completely changed when I found out this blog world existed! I have to ban myself from the computer to get anything done anymore... It's crazy. But you can learn so much from people about adoption, crafts, decorating, recipes, and so on!

    Anyway - nice to meet you! So glad you stopped by my blog. Looks like we are on the same time schedule on our adoptions. Exciting!!