Monday, March 22, 2010

She's on a roll...

I came out my bedroom from folding laundry because it had been quiet for a very long time... and every mom out there knows that quiet = mischief.  So I thought I'd tiptoe to the scene of the crime (so as not to disturb the progress of the crime and catch them 'in the act').  I made my way down the hall to the school room and did NoT expect to see what came next:

One little girl, markers and pencils and rulers all around her, sitting at the school table in absolute silence with her head bowed while she worked on a page in front of her.  She was obviously deep in thought because she didn't even turn around when I stood behind her to watch her in action.

"Oh, hi Mommy.  I'm making schoolwork for Penny.  I decided I'm 'gonna be her teacher and we will have a LOT to learn so I'm gettin' everything ready for her."

She then proceeded to show me the pages she had begun to create:

One page that had 9 rows of hand drawn patterns of objects with two objects at the end of each row.  She asked me to write "Finish the pattern" at the top of this one.

One page that had the numbers 7,8,9 written several times across the page in a dotted pattern.  This page she wanted to say "trace and say your numbers".

Page 3 was a series of numbers with a space for a missing number in between each series (7_9,  15_17)  Page three was to say "Find the number that's missing"

Page 4 was a series of drawn circles colored in with brown marker with a line beneath each bunch of circles.  "Count the pennies.  How many monies is this?"  was the suggested title.

Page 5 was a sequence of numbers counting by 10s - "Count by 10s"

Penny, if this is any indication of our future of homeschooling, get ready for a LOT of schoolwork.  Kate's got you VERY busy!!

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