Monday, January 10, 2011

Introducing Lucy

Lucy joined our family in mid-November 2010.  Having a puppy is like having a baby - you forget how much work it is until you do it again!  Potty training is proving to be our biggest challenge with her but I am so glad we are going through the puppy thing now, before we bring Penelope home.  After losing our sweet dog, Chloe, in early November we drove 6 hours to go get Lucy in South Carolina and it has been well worth it.  Kate has overcome her fear after the horrendous attack on Chloe in our garage by a pit bull and we are all enjoying the joy that having a puppy brings to our home.  Her favorite lounge spot is at the corner of our sunroom sofa or in Trent's lap although we are crate training her, so this isn't always where she lounges.

And I have totally become the crazy dog lady - I went and bought her 2 little doggie jackets yesterday along with a dog purse, so she can travel with us.  What have I become ?!

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