Monday, January 10, 2011

Kate turned 6

I guess December was kinda "Kate month" at our house - with her show and her birthday, poor Trent didn't have a whole lot of monumental moments but he is such a concientious young man.  He sweetly asked to go to Target so that he could get Kate a pillow pet for her birthday.  Weeks before, we had walked through Target and she had mentioned that she would like one and he has remembered that - such a thoughtful boy.  He is going to make an amazing husband to his bride one day!  Kate's birthday is only 6 days before Christmas, so we try to really make them very separate celebrations.  This year my parents came to visit from California and were here to celebrate with her.
I love making the kids' birthday cakes but Kate really wanted the big mama jamma from Costco this year - and for $15, it's hard to beat not having to do all the leg work!  She was thrilled - and we had a ton of cake to take to a friend's house a few nights later.
Kate opening her birthday present.
An American Girl Doll... (I love the joy on Trent's face in the background as we watched her open her present!)

Grandma and Grandpa had just as much fun making the gingerbread house as the kids!
The final reveal - matching PJs for Christmas for Kate and her doll along with the Pillow Pet from Trent.

Happy 6th Birthday to our sweet girl.

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