Monday, March 7, 2011

Ethiopia Adoption Changes Possible

On Friday, March 4th I read an article about the state of inter-country adoptions from Ethiopia and my heart fell to the bottom of my stomach.  For the last few days I had so much going on at church that I didn't have time to process what I had read.  The headline of the article said "Ethiopia Decides to Cut Inter-Country Adoptions by up to 90%".  What?  How can that be?  What can I do to change it?  I felt hopeless, helpless, and tired of trusting in "God's perfect plan" but as the dust began to settle on my emotions I am beginning to see this headline as more than just facts.  I am beginning to see it as a battle beyond flesh and blood, but of principalities.  Today I came across a blog written by Tom Davis of Children's HopeChest and it laid out the new spiritual plan of attack for all of us who care about the future of orphans in Ethiopia.

His post is a reminder to me that the work is still being done - God is still on the throne!

Ethiopia's Plan to Cut Adoptions: A Prayerful Response by Tom Davis

Over the weekend I confirmed with some contacts in the adoption community that the processing of adoptions is slowing down in Ethiopia. Partners of Children's HopeChest have been unable to process adoptions since mid-November.

From what my sources are saying, there is some activity between the Ethiopian courts and the Ethiopian government about the future of their inter-country adoption program. I am not sure it is completely over and done with just yet. And that is why we must pray through this until there is more news.Again, there's nothing official posted on the U.S. State Department Web site or any other official indication from Ethiopia. But this is all pointing toward a drastic reduction in the number of Ethiopian children being placed with U.S. families.

I want to start a continuous prayer movement on behalf of the children of Ethiopia. Please pray for the following:

1. For God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.God is in control. For those of you who are facing being stuck, remember that God is in control.

2. For God to breakdown strongholds of the enemy.Every child deserves the right to grow up in a health family, and adoptive families provide that for thousands of children each year. Pray that God would demolish the strongholds that are set up against adoption.

3. For God to fulfill His promises.God defines Himself as the Father to the Fatherless. He declares He will set the lonely in families. He warns those who would interfere with His plan to bring justice and mercy that is due to them. Find the orphan scriptures, pray them to God, and ask Him to fulfill those promises to the children of Ethiopia now.

4. For the courts and judges and government officials making this decision.
Ask the Holy Spirit to permeate the courtroom and convict the hearts of the judges and other government officials. Bring the power of the Holy Spirit into these discussions and proceedings--not that we would get our way--but that God's perfect will would be fulfilled in these decisions.

5. For the children and familiesThat God would shorten their wait times. Fortunately, God is bigger than these obstacles. Pray that waiting children would receive comfort. And pray that waiting families would experience peace, grace, and love from those around them.

While things are uncertain, our best response today is prayer. I will post more news as it comes available to me. Please pass this on to all your friends and contacts who care and are concerned about orphans and adoption.

Will you join me in praying as we gather the troops for the spiritual battle the wages around us for the future of Ethiopia's orphans?  I would love for you to leave a comment if you will!

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me,


  1. This morning as I was "reconnecting" with the adoption blog world, after the crazy past week, I also felt that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach as I read some of the "unofficial" things that are being talked about. Our family is praying along with yours for the future that only God knows and holds in His hand!

  2. I would LOVE to join your prayer team. I will stand beside you and pray against the enemy and principalities that hate the very idea of adoptions, family, love and home. I will pray until the doors are open and Penny comes home.

  3. Been reading all the same stuff today. Praying for our families to come together.