Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hope Over Despair

With the recent changes looming in Ethiopia regarding international adoption, I have had to make daily choices in my attitude and perspective on the God I serve.  It has not been an easy few weeks, as we wait for the Ethiopian government agency known as MOWCYA to communicate how they will be changing the process of adoption throughout the country.  We have not had official word yet from the Ethiopian government (and may never get that official stamp of approval) but we have heard that MoWCYA will not be cutting back by 90% as originally anticipated.  It will be most likely a reduction of about 50% - and I'll take 50 or 90 any day!

So today, and in the days that follow, as we wait for our sweet Penny to come home, we know that she is well worth the wait and that the God we serve is not surprised and is not discouraged - He Reigns!

I choose Hope Over despair today.

I choose Promise over failure today.

I choose the Redeemer over abandonment today.

I choose Truth over fiction today.

Our God is THE God of Hope, Promise, Truth and Redemption and so much more...

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