Monday, April 11, 2011

The Wait is Almost Over!!

I've been waiting to write this post since last Tuesday, April 5th at about 3:30 pm in the afternoon... and for a girl who usually has plenty to say, I am speechless.  The phone rang that day and I heard the machine pick up the call.  The person on the phone said they were calling from CWA (our adoption agency), said she would try my cell phone and then hung up before I could chase the phone down in between the couch cushions.  Then I was on a mad dash for my cell phone as I heard it start to ring and I scrambled to find it in my purse before it, too, went to voicemail.  I picked up and heard bits and pieces of the following...
"Heidi, this is Sue with CWA.... little girl... you to look at... 14 months... referral... (and then quite a bit more that honestly, I have no idea what she said because it finally clicked as she spoke that she was telling me that she had news about our baby girl).  I said very little, felt my hands and feet go numb, my face get extremely hot and watched my hands dial Dustin's work number.
"Hey babe.  Um, CWA just called.  Uh, we just got our referral.  They are sending us pictures of a little girl they want us to pray about and consider."
----- silence here on both ends---------
"No way.  No way.  What?  Our referral?  Today?  Seriously?  What?  I can't even believe it!  That's awesome.  I'll call you right back."

I gathered enough information from Sue over the phone to know that she would be sending us medical information and pictures of a baby girl to my email address as soon as we were done talking.  I told Dustin as we talked, once he gathered himself and could give me a call back, that we had pictures waiting for us on the computer to see.  But I didn't want to tell the kids until he was with me - so I waited for 1 1/2 hours to tell them - that was soo hard!

Dustin got home at 5:00 and walked right in the door to find the kids and tell them to meet us in my office. We all gathered around the iMac as we opened the email that revealed our little girl...  melt my heart!!

She is so beautiful and we are still reeling over the fact that she is soon to be ours.

Trent and Kate were thrilled, of course.  Kate's only comment was, "Can you go get her this week Mommy?  I'm sick of waiting."  Boy, I wish I could Kate.

So much in running through my mind and heart right now - It'll take several posts just to sort it all out.  But for now, I will close with sharing the detail about our sweet little one that has me in awe of how God works...  We found out that her birthday was January 21, 2010.  Of course, I wondered what we were doing on that day and how God was working in our family during that week, so I looked back at my journal entries and realized... THAT WAS THE DAY DUSTIN AND I MADE THE DECISION TO ADOPT FROM ETHIOPIA!!

Unspeakable joy and quite a bit of heartache - a strange juxtaposition as I wrestle with knowing that our baby girl is still half a world away, just waiting for her forever family.

We're coming Penny - and we are delirious with excitement over your sweet life!


  1. Over the moon excited that Penny will soon be home with her family who has loved her for so long. Can't wait to get my hands on her!! Continuing to pray that she will be home soon. Such amazing news!

  2. Congratulations!!! So excited for you guys... and love that her birthday has such meaning for you!

  3. This is so exciting Heidi! I am continually amazed at how awesome our Heavenly Father's timing always is. That is why we should never question. Blessings on your waiting!

    Julie Shiverdecker

  4. That is so exciting!!!!!! Congratulations! Can't wait to see Penny!!!!