Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pictures of our First Few Weeks Together Home

I am the world's worst photographer but thankfully I'm married to a man who documents better than I do.  Here are just a few of the sweet moments we've had these first few weeks together:

Trent pushing Penny on her car upstairs for the first time:

Exploring her activity center.  We haven't pulled out many toys yet because she is enamored by simple things like plastic cups ;)

One of our first afternoons in the sunshine.  After a trip to a specialist, we learned that she is deficient in vitamin D, which has resulted in bowlegged stature - a vitamin supplement and some sunshine have proven to be the cure already - her legs have straightened out significantly in just a few short weeks!

The kitchen island is the most fun jungle gym of all:

Fishy kissy lips:

Playtime with Daddy:

Our dear friend "Miss Tammy" came to surprise Kate with a special picnic, just the two of them in our front yard last week after Kate asked her to pray for her at church on Sunday.  The transition has been difficult for Kate.  She asked me the other day "Mommy, will I ever be the super star of the family again?  I mean, this is just so hard.  I never even got to say goodbye to my old life."  Sweet girl got some extra special "super star" attention from Tammy and I am more than grateful for her thoughtfulness.

Tammy pulled out all the stops - fresh flowers, happy meals, a beautiful picnic basket and a meaningful book that she read to Kate titled On the Night You Were Born (a great book choice for a child in need of encouragement):

Kate and Trent gave Penny her first piano lesson:

Caught her hiding and playing in the corner behind the toy chest:

Funny girl:

Grammy and Pappap arrived from California on Wednesday to meet their fifth grandchild:

And Grammy taught Penny "Ring Around the Rosie" - Penny adored it!

We went to the Discovery Science Center in Charlotte today and had a ball!

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  1. O sweet Kate! I just read that same book to Gracyn today! It's the cry of all of our hearts to be a superstar. God did make you a star and Trent and Penny too! I know that as time passes the loving family God gave each of you will be your ticket to stardom. Bless all of you!