Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prayer request for Penny Love

Penny woke up Monday morning listless and not at all her typical happy self. She threw up Monday twice and I took her to her pediatrician Monday mid morning to see what might be wrong. Because the dr has just run a full battery of blood tests he thought it sounded most like a stomach bug and gave Pen some anti-nausea medicine to help her get through it. She slept the majority of the day on Monday and I felt like this was the first time we were getting glimpses into the result of being in institutionalized care for so many months. She didn't want to be cuddled or rocked and just stared at the wall on her side. She did let me stroke her hair but remained unresponsive all day. I hoped Tuesday would be better but it wasn't. Now it is Wednesday and she is sleeping on the floor next to me. I'm not sure how much but I am certain she has lost a significant amount of weight and her listlessness frightens me. We are heading to the adoption specialist ped this afternoon and I am praying that we can find a clear diagnosis and that she begins to improve. All of you adoptive mamas out there: did you experience anything like this in the initial weeks home? I wonder if it could be depression or emotionally related insole way n she has no fever and will keep Gatorade down but will not eat. I would appreciate your prayers for our baby girl. Thanks!

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