Monday, January 9, 2012

Kate Turned 7! Holy Cow!

Kate turned seven the week before Christmas.  It is really important to me that we make her birthday both separate and special and this year was such fun.  I love, love, love having girls!  They make life so much fun.  Kate is such a special girl and I am beyond blessed to watch her grow into a young lady who loves Jesus and is so thoughtful.

We started the morning with presents and birthday pancakes before we hit the books for school... Kate swears that every other little girl gets to take the day off from school on her birthday and she must be the ONLY seven year old that has to do math and read on her special day.

In November, I was out shopping for an outfit for a Christmas party and had Trent along with me.  He spotted a little polar bear figurine that opened up to reveal a bejeweled sparkly polar bear necklace.  In total Trent style, he is always prepared and had his money from his chores with him and asked me if he could buy the necklace for Kate for her birthday next month.  What a sweet boy he is - and Kate was thrilled when she opened it from her big brother.
These two have had a rough few months as we transition to the new dynamic of three siblings.  The first two months they argued all the time over everything and I just prayed that God would work out the kinks so that they could get back to being one another's best friend...  It really has been a huge turn around over the last 6 weeks.  Just yesterday, Trent came over to me while I was reading and said, "Hmmmm... I don't think I could ever live without Kate. She really is one of my best friends."  Phew!  Sigh of relief and Thank You Jesus!  Sweet boy couldn't wait to put the necklace on his little sis.

After dinner, I piled five of Kate's "besties" into the back of the Armada and off we went to the local skating rink... "Kate's Skate" - yeah, seriously, that's the name of it!  And these girls were so much fun.  I bought a bucketload of glow necklaces and bracelets at Target and they giggled and snapped together necklaces all the way to the rink.  When we arrived, I had a few minutes with them all together before they scattered across the rink.

A few of the girls had only been skating a few times or just needed a little reassurance so I skated a bit with them while my sweet friend Janna, snapped some pictures.

Kate had a bawl with her friends (and so did I!)  Such a fun night.

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