Thursday, June 14, 2012

Family + Memories = Perfect Vacation

We just came home from a special vacation to Disneyworld with my parents.  It was such a special trip because it was Penny's first trip and the 2 year old look of wonder has got to be my very favorite age to experience with children at Disney. Poor Trent caught poison ivy at home before we left and the awesome mom I am, I had no idea it was poison ivy until we had done pretty much everything you are NOT supposed to do when you have poison ivy (i.e. pools, hot tubs, hot weather, sweating, sun) and it had spread to his entire trunk of his body.  Needless to say, he was pretty miserable but in typical Trent style, was a serious trooper and hardly complained at all.

But, even with a boy with poison ivy, we had a blast and made some great memories as a family.  We stayed at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge and our first night we went to my all time favorite restaurant, Boma - an African inspired restaurant that is a must-do every time we go down to Disney.  The next morning we headed to a character breakfast with the characters from Disney Junior.  I thought this would be a good introduction to Disney characters for Penny and wasn't sure how overwhelmed she'd be by the life size versions of her favorite Disney heroes.  As the pictures show proof ... she looooooved it!

 Then it was off to the parks to have some fun...

 We spent my birthday dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge and it was a keeper.  Loved the atmosphere and the food was excellent...

Waiting for a boat to take us to the Magic Kingdom after dinner...

As often as we vacation at Disneyworld and for how much our kids enjoy the adventure, they are not big riders.  The people mover is their speed and all three of them begged to ride it over and over.  Trent would rather be trading Disney pins and shopping, Kate would rather be watching shows and parades and Penny, we found, would rather be dancing ;)

This time Dustin, my dad and Trent tried something new and had a blast.  They rented a bass fishing pontoon boat (complete with fishing guide who knew exactly where to go and how to catch a bazillion fish).  They said someone's line was always being reeled in but I'll take their word for it because they had to be at the boat at 6:45 am, which meant leaving our hotel at 6:00 - not my idea of a good time!)

Trent held one fish and was not a big fan of that part of the deal.

One of the rare moments when Penny chose to sit down in a chair - most of the trip was spent chasing her down while she giggled all the way.  I tried to giggle but sometimes I fell short.  Why can't she be excited about riding in a stroller?  Oh well...

In February of 2009 Dustin and I took the kids on a trip to Disneyworld and rode the surrey bikes. We had a great picture of our family that I had as my desktop wallpaper forever.  Now that Penny Love is with us, I knew we had to get a new shot of our family.  What a difference a few years makes!

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