Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Dip in the Creek

A few weekends ago we headed up to Lake Lure, North Carolina to visit Trent's "sleep away" camp that he attended last year and is going back to this summer.  He is super excited about going but I think he was equally as excited to take us up and give us the grand tour.  We headed out before breakfast and stopped at one of our favorite breakfast spots - Panera Bread - to grab something to eat before the two hour drive to the lake.

We arrived at the lake and Trent led the way.  I overheard him talking to one of the counselors about his family as he said, "Yeah, that's my family.  I have two sisters.  My baby sister is adopted from Ethiopia.  This is her first time to the mountains."  Love that my sweet boy loves to show off his sisters and wants everyone to know how much he loves them.

 We checked out the lake, ate lunch in the mess hall and stopped by the cabin he stayed in last year - photo op at Trent's bunk.  My favorite part of seeing everything was watching Trent lead the way.  I love the experiences that going to camp brings - emotional, physical and spiritual independence.  Kate can't wait to get the chance next year!

Then we were off to the mountain town of Chimney Rock, where we stopped for an ice cream cone.

Thanks to the camp staff, we heard a great insider's tip that behind the ice cream shop you could walk down to the river and wade in the cool water.  So glad we took their advice!  It was beautiful and the kids had an awesome time.

Notice, we all have our clothes on in this first picture at the river  -
  - that is, until Penny realized how fun it was to get wet!

This girl is a fish!

Trent found some muskrats downstream and spent lots of time skipping rocks like a pro.

I'm not sure if Kate played in the water much - she was too busy posing for the camera ;)

I had to hold on to Pen with all my strength - she spent at least 50 % of her time with her head underwater!

Penny gave us a big "Yay!" for such a fun day in the mountains!

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