Sunday, June 15, 2014

We're Getting Close Jack!

I keep Jack's bedroom door closed at our house.  Somehow, it feels like a sacred place waiting for the little man who orphanage workers have told us is "all boy" to run and play, rest and restore.  

I creaked the door open yesterday and tears just started to fall as I stepped into his space.  I know that for me, this place feels safe and warm.  But the reality is that it is nothing like the place Jack calls home right now - living in a small 800 sq.  ft. flat in the middle of a large, metropolitan city with an adoring foster mom and two foster brothers.  Life is about to shift for our sweet boy - in so many ways - more ways than I can really even imagine…sounds, smells, tastes, textures, voices, people, music.  

"Lord, lead us to understand the cry of his heart," is what I pray when I walk into that room.  It is such a strange mixture of emotions in these days of waiting - we are OOpER excited to be close to bringing our son home but there is also the emotion of recognizing that the journey is only just beginning for our little one.

The anticipation of travel is absolutely killing me right now!  We have had a lot happen over the last few weeks with paperwork.  It is most likely that we will be traveling within a MONTH!  The days are slowly rolling by.  

But I am coping with copious amounts of retail therapy - ridiculous numbers of trips to Target.  I'll be emptying the dishwasher when all of a sudden I will think, "Oh… we need Benadryl in case he has an allergic reaction!"  And…. off to Target I go… again.  Yep, crazy person stuff.  ;)

We are supposed to receive word this week on the last document necessary for the chinese government to approve our travel and then we wait 2 weeks or so to get approval to come GET OUR SON!!!

AAAAkkkkhhh!!!  OVER THE MOON!!  It is very likely that Dustin and I will be in China with Jack for our 15th anniversary- what an amazing way to spend that day.

Meanwhile, you can find me stalking the aisles of Target or ironing 2T button up shirts (uh huh, I did that - couldn't resist!)

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  1. Amen and hallelujah! Thrilled for you and for Jack! Joining you in prayer for all the adjustments now. His grace will cover each one.