Monday, March 17, 2014

Is it YOU?

More than a warning of things to come … destruction has entered in.
The alarms are going off all around.  
Sirens blaring. 
Lights flashing in succession.  
The sound is deafening.

But it is met with silence… No one stirs in the homes on the neighborhood street.  
Despite the danger lurking behind corners, the city sleeps. 

The people peer out through their windows and stare.  They exchange glances and give one another well-meaning hugs and pats on the back.  They are shocked at the mayhem that has taken over their once quiet street but they wait behind closed doors.  

"Certainly there is someone coming to deal with this!  Someone with equipment and skills to handle this mess," is all they can say as they stare….

I startled awake and the clock read 2:49 am.  My stomach was in anxious knots.  I was restless and couldn't think of why.  But then I remembered the dream.  

I just learned this weekend that the orphanage Little Man has called his home was chosen to be a "safe baby drop" for an entire province in China.  The "baby drop" was established to provide families a safe place to bring their babies (many with special needs) should they not be able to care for them.  It allows the parents to not suffer prosecution for their abandonment.  The safe drop at Little Man's orphanage was started in January.  This one drop site has been seeing 1-3 newborn children being dropped per day since its inception just two months ago!

That is where my dream and the baby drop story began to merge.

Each of these littlest of lives is precious to our God.  Every heartbeat gets noticed.  

But how often do we hear about these sweet ones and, although our heart breaks, we continue to do nothing.  We pat each other on the back and stare in desperation at the crisis all around but figure that someone else will come.  The answer is in someone else's hands.

But what if the answer is us?  What if it is You?  I absolutely know that we cannot save each and every child.  But I also don't think God expects us to.  

Like I have said before, I don't think everyone is called to adopt a child.  But I also can't sit idly by, having heard this information about these kiddos who need a family and not propose that it just MIGHT be YOU.  What if your child is waiting for you in China? Or Guatemala?  Or Ukraine? Or the USA?  Do not let idleness and fear keep you from doing what you may be meant to do.

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