Monday, March 10, 2014

Room for Little Man

This waiting time allows us to get everything we can ready for our Little Man to join our family.  I can't do anything to make the wait go faster, but I can spend the days we are apart preparing for his arrival.  Besides reading books, praying for his transition and ability to receive love from his new family, I've been busy for the past few weeks getting his room ready.

I learned something through bringing our daughter, Love Bug, home from Ethiopia.  We were so excited to show her the new bedroom she would be sleeping in that first day home.  She followed me up the stairs and around the corner, down the hall and as I opened the door to her room, I expected to see a wide grin staring back at me.

Not exactly what happened.

Screaming, flailing, head buried in my shoulder, she began to sob.  It was too much.  I had decorated with bright, happy sherbet colors of pink, lime green and yellow.  She was overwhelmed and I felt terrible!  How had I not thought that through?  My poor baby had been thrown into a situation, a family, a culture that she didn't know and her room was just the last straw.

Over the course of several days, she began to feel more comfortable with all the color and I learned a lot from that experience with our Love Bug.  And with Little Man, I want to be more sensitive to the colors I use in his space.  I want it to be a place of rest.  A place that soothes him.  I initially thought I would go with a grey, white and yellow theme but after considering the feeling I wanted him to experience in his bedroom, we decided to use warm tones of beige, navy and hints of deep red.

I found the pattern for his strip rag quilt here.

After looking in several craft and fabric stores for flannel fabric, I started searching online.  I hit the jackpot with Flannel

This chalk board was a steal at Hobby Lobby.  I plan on changing out the verse in his room from time to time but for now, I am holding on to the promise of God that Little Man has been called by name and God is in control of his life.

I bought the two crates at Michael's and put picture hooks on the back of them to hang them.  I got the idea here.

My sweetest of friends, Katie (you can follow her amazing blog here), gave me her precious boys' nursery linens to help us cut costs on putting Little Man's room together.  The valance was part of that set, along with the crib skirt.  I used burlap to make the curtains and followed a tutorial here.

The rocker in the corner is my favorite piece in the whole room (albeit not the prettiest).  I have spent hours in that rocking chair cuddling and feeding my loves and prior to each one of them being born, I spent many nights dreaming about them, praying for them, waiting for them.  This chair was the whole reason I wanted the room complete.  I wanted a place to go to feel close to our son.  He is ours in our hearts but not in our home.  I desperately want to feel connected to him.  I can do very little for him physically during the wait, but I can pray for him.  This chair serves an eternal purpose.

Such cute finds at Hobby Lobby!  The trucks and lunch box clock are so boy!

Now all we need is the big boy!!

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